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Beau William's  role with MKA is as our expert on beverages, beverage programs, cocktail mixology and beverage operations. With an encyclopedic knowledge of spirits, fruits and juices and how to use them together, Beau can create a vast array of options.

Beau is a mixology legend, a mixologist who made his reputation, and then drew his following to "Manifesto" in Kansas City and in so doing ccreated a national reputation. Situated in the basement of Chef Howard Hanna's Rieger Hotel, his "Pop Up" became an essential part of redefining the Kansas City vibe. Manifesto was his answer to the loss of the sophisticated hotel dining rooms and great cocktail lounges of the 30s, 40s, and 50s. When he opened Julep in Kansas City's historical Westport District in 2014, he morphed his magic into a bricks and mortar phenomenon. 

Julep is a respite. It offers a sophisticated experience in a locale with its beginning in the early 1800s. Westport has long been known for its bars and watering holes and Julep resides in the middle of the noise. It is upscale, but unpretentious.  Julep reflects Beau and Keely's (Keely Edgington, wife, collaborator and partner) sense of fun and the desire to share it with their clientele. The whiskey selection is staggering, with bartenders routinely shimmying up brass ladders just to reach the rows and rows of options needed to create each perfect pour. While many whiskey bars lean into their masculinity, Julep opts for a playful blend of swanky and Southern.  


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