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 Alex Staab's has been a member of the core MKA Consulting team since 2012 .

He was on the road to a career in law. Somewhere along the way his roots and creativity collided with that career plan and he found himself conflicted in a positive way. He took a hiatus working for Jake Imperiale at Bella Napoli, a small, neighborhood Italian trattoria in Kansas City. That led to a trip to Sardinia, working with Jake’s extended culinary network/family.  The next stops were Rome, where he learned about the regional cuisine of Lazio, and finally New York City to work and stage with the Italian masters.


He returned to Bella Napoli as the executive chef and quickly gained a reputation for his impeccable approach to Italian Heritage cuisine. From Bella, he moved on to become the Executive Chef of Urban Table, a larger and more upscale Kansas City venue, and broadened his reach to a citywide following. 


 He recently led the launch of  the new restaurant entertainment group, Chicken and Pickle in Kansas City. There are two more operations in the works, one in Denver and one in Austin.

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